BeatKing understands that his fans had ADD. They live for one turn up anthem, forget it and move on to the next. That’s why barely a month after Houston 3 AM landed for the public, BeatKing and Stunt N Dozier return to the ass shaking chemistry they made from Underground Cassette Tape Music for “Going Down,” another simple yet effective BeatKing moment where the comedian and in your face rapper uses call and response to get the ladies to do as he pleases.

Most BeatKing raps on his more simple records are about timing, the same way a comedian sets up a joke and hopes you’re prime and ready for the punchline. “Going Down” exudes this sentiment to a tee, instead of opting to move into all out chaos, glides along as if BeatKing has to do none of the heavy lifting. Expect BeatKing fans to eat this up just like any other number from the Club God as the road to ClubGod5 begins now.