strange sounds of vincent stevens

Houston’s own Tony Dark is working on a series of EPs with a variety artists titled The Strange Sounds of Vincent Stevens. For Volume 1 of the series, Dark teamed up with Kon Sweetie, a young up and coming artist from New Jersey.

The 5 song EP features Dark’s multifaceted production with Sweetie’s vibrant lyricism. Sweetie’s sound flows seamlessly and incorporates catchy, fun elements and relevant content. The Strange Sounds of Vincent Stevens utilizes every second of the concise first volume to represent both Dark and Sweetie as artists. Each complements each other while they also both come through as talented entities. Stand out tracks include “Buffalo” and “Trippin’.”

With just as much dark as light and hints of everything from blues, classic hip-hop, rock, and electro with a totally new and unique sound, The Strange Sounds of Vincent Stevens Vol 1 by Kon Sweetie and Tony Dark is a quality project with all the desired attributes.

We look forward to the upcoming volumes of the series. For now, stream or purchase The Strange Sounds of Vincent Stevens Vol 1 below.