Hive Society AXIOM

“An axiom is a premise or a starting point of reasoning. A premise is a foundation of an argument. We believe The Hive Society is the foundation, and our argument is that we can change the world through music and the arts.” – Adrian Edmonds, founder/”The Bee Keeper,” The Hive Society

Burgeoning Houston non-profit brand The Hive Society is more than just a blog. In fact, they’re not even exactly a blog – they’re a social collective of creative minds that just so happen to use a blog to share their thoughts, ideas, and art. Since its “revival” of sorts last year, The Hive Society has committed itself to numerous community service events and even hosted a “breakthrough concert” of sorts for burgeoning local emcee LOE. The Hive is now taking on its most ambitious endeavor to date – an arts showcase-slash-fundraiser deemed simply “AXIOM.”

“AXIOM” will showcase bodies of work from local fashion designers and visual artists, including MAW Supply, Manfred Spencer, Greenwear Designs, Dre Price Art and even Houston-bred photographers Ozieren, 9th Sage, and Nic High. Light refreshments will be served at the event, with DJ AudiTory providing sounds and a music performance from Lyric Michelle. Tickets are $5, with the proceeds going towards continued funding of the The Hive Society’s community service endeavors.

The Hive Society’s AXIOM event goes down Friday, July 10th at the East End Studio Gallery. Doors open at 7 PM and advance entry can be purchased or reserved at the door here.