California sushi rolls are just as enticing as a bag of green to a few people. Fat Tony, the Houston darling who has figured a way to circumnavigate usual circles by being himself ventures out to Los Angeles to shoot a video with Asher Roth where the two of them display their love for sushi rolls.

Roth has found his niche post major label and musical situation where he was labelled as a “frat rapper” and not much else. He and Blended Babies have done their best to hash out some of their best work together via cloudy moments of brilliance, much like the snare lifting “Sushi”. Fat Tony rides the catchy bass line with goofy rap lines about “riding the pony like Napoleon Bonaparte” and getting his head scratched by a leggy woman in heels. He’s looking to get to know her like Nardwuar at least which is better than aimlessly trying to smash and dash. Hear “Sushi” from Asher & Tony now and watch the rather simple ode to California rolls below.

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