Those who stuck around to the very end of the 2015 BET Awards this past weekend were treated to a special, one-minute trailer/preview of the official music video for Rihanna’s current radio-rounding single “BBHMM (Bitch Better Have My Money).” The pop singer born Robyn Fenty had hinted that the video was on the way on her Instagram, providing a “viewers’ discretion” logo and insisting that the video would arrive on Thursday. Lo and behold, at midnight EST, the visuals landed.

Opting for a cinematic, motion picture music video – think Kanye West’s mini-movie for “Runaway” a half-decade ago – “BBHMM” uses the titular phrase not to refer to a debt but, rather, a ransom. Robyn and her gang of girls kidnap an unsuspecting woman, stripping her down and letting viewers know the true purpose of that large chest she’s lugging around at the video’s opening. Equal parts fun and twisted (and featuring cameos from actors like Eric Roberts), things take a turn for the worse when the kidnap victim’s husband starts, for lack of a better phrase, fucking with Rihanna’s money; and the consequences prove quite grave.

As its viewers’ discretion warning hints, topless shots and see-through bras abound, so this one is NSFW. But you might not be too mad at the shots of Robyn’s ass creative, colorful visuals by video’s end.

“BBHMM” is expected to appear on Rihanna’s R8 album, slated for release in late 2015.