When we attempted to prognosticate Creed last July, the one and only choice we had was Michael B. Jordan. Now there’s an official trailer to the Creed film and for any boxing fan, it’s the second straight Oscar caliber flick about the sweet science arriving this year that’s pretty much a must see.

The exclusivity boxing has to capturing desperation is why the genre and to an extent, the sport will never exactly die. Creed happens to take all the aspects of desperation and literally fighting your way out of a situation and rolls it into one sleek package, complete with homages and set pieces from director Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) that bring out those things that make Philadelphia such a rolling honest-to-God movie cliche sports town. Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, the estranged son of Apollo Creed who’s cutting his teeth in boxing. However, in order to firmly establish himself as an elite fighter, he needs the help of his father’s most famous foe. You know, the one that didn’t tell him, “if he dies, he dies” while James Brown performed “Livin’ In America”.

Once in the City of Brotherly Love, Adonis tracks Rocky (Stallone) down and asks him to be his trainer. Despite his insistence that he is out of the fight game for good, Rocky sees in Adonis the strength and determination he had known in Apollo—the fierce rival who became his closest friend. Agreeing to take him on, Rocky trains the young fighter, even as the former champ is battling an opponent more deadly than any he faced in the ring.

With Rocky in his corner, it isn’t long before Adonis gets his own shot at the title…but can he develop not only the drive but also the heart of a true fighter, in time to get into the ring?

From the trailer alone, how can you not want to see Creed? Phylicia Rashad plays Adonis’ mother. Wood Harris plays a trainer for an awesome Wire moment where Avon Barksdale is teaching Wallace about wanting something more than someone else. Hell, Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as Rocky in a grizzled, beat up kind of way to show his best friend’s son the way to becoming a champion. Again, how can you deny Creed being anything short of spectacular?

Well, we’ll have to wait when it hits theaters November 25th.