Houston reveres June 27th. It’s a city holiday, unofficial and yet known in the same way as Independence Day, Labor Day or even New Years. Through the work of one crew and one legendary freestyle session, June 27th sits as the most recognized Houston holiday that isn’t officially on the books. And the Screwed Up Click and in part, the Dead End Alliance are the driving reason behind that.

Three years ago, we dug into the history behind the date. Now, Kay K, a Dead End Alliance and SUC Original Member has taken time to dig into history he’s seen first hand, the people, surroundings and moments that helped shape the culture at large. The four part Dead End Alliance documentary follows Kay K on a joyride through the city, running into old stomping grounds as he weaves tales about the members of the Dead End Alliance, the Screwed Up Click, the ebbs and flows of the group and much more. It lasts nearly 30 minutes and if you ever needed a quick SparkNote on why people love the Screwed Up Click and June 27th, this is as good a start as any.