Because of the ominous and downright sinister mood of “Money Trees Deuce,” Jay Rock’s solo sequel of sorts to he and Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees,” you would think that a music video for the track would be just as dark and brooding.

And yet, in the actual visuals for “Money Trees Deuce,” released earlier this week by the Top Dawg Entertainment camp, the sun is shining throughout it all.

With director Jack Begert of Psycho Films behind the lens, Jay Rock takes us into his neighborhood, posted up outside of his project home at some points, and running from the police at others. The friends Jay Rock speaks about are posted in the house kicking back at one moment; and then gone just moments later, their clothing left behind in their place as though to suggest how fleeting life is in the hood. And Rock’s line “Been ’bout that money – fuck the damn Lotto!” is given a special sort of symbolism when he’s posted up in a padded room whose walls aren’t cushioning, but lottery tickets.

“Money Trees Deuce” is slated to appear on Jay Rock’s as-yet-untitled debut album, due out in late 2015.