Envy Hunter - How to Be A Player (f. Tay)

Didn’t Editor in Chief Brandon Caldwell and Dream Life staffer Cecilia Smith JUST talk about this a week ago?

The H and the West can add another connection to their list of collaborations by way of “How to Be A Player,” the newest track from local product Envy Hunter. Since releasing his Patiently Waiting project last year, the Houston spitter has taken his talents to California, honing his sound and developing his technique even more with his next album on the horizon. Hunter’s “Who Dat” single was a taste of the evolution to come; but on “How to Be A Player,” the newest release from Hunter, the two places that have played a role in the artist come together in a perfect mix.

Inglewood based singer-producer Tay is on the boards for “How to Be A Player,” its beat calling to mind Lil’ KeKe’s “Southside” with its thudding bass and tap-tapping and even slowing things down in an instrumental break towards the track’s end; Tay also appears on the hook, adding a blues-y counter to Hunter’s rough flow detailing the process and the desire for progress that drives a man trying to succeed in the game.