Ava DuVernay - Black Panther

Ava DuVernay may not have won the Best Director Academy Award for her MLK docudrama Selma, but that hasn’t hurt her work ethic or her stock in Hollywood. She’s used the Oscar nod to win other ways, including a massive promo/fundraising campaign for her Black-owned and operated AFFRM Films production company on Twitter earlier this month. But perhaps the biggest news of DuVernay’s career dropped this morning, when The MCU Exchange revealed that the director will indeed be at the helm for Disney/Marvel Films’ much-anticipated Black Panther movie.

It’s not a total shock – Marvel had expressed interest in having Ava DuVernay involved in one of their future projects as early as this past spring, and when that news broke, rumors immediately began swirling that DuVernay might be in line to direct the Black Panther, set for a 2018 release and starring Chadwick Boseman in the title role. However, it’s only until today that there’s been confirmation of DuVernay in the director’s chair as opposed to just assisting, producing, or assistant directing.

Expect an official statement from Marvel itself to drop before the week ends.

[via MCU Exchange]