Houston rap has quite an affinity for crafting more than personal tracks aimed at rap dads. Most of them aren’t exactly pleasant. Four year ago, OneHunnidt crafted “Father’s Day,” a rather straight forward arm of frustration lobbed at his own father while championing the woman who raised him. Propain did the same two years later with the centerpiece of Ridin’ Slab. Now Dante Higgins can offer the same, retreating back to the time where he broke his leg post-car crash on “Achilles Heal”.

Let’s be frank, Dante Higgins is comfortable wearing a Duke jersey and rooting for the home team. Confrontation, though needed at times isn’t one of his strong suits. Yet, “Achilles Heal” throws all of that sentiment out of the window as he launches into a near shouting match with his mom over the man and then once more when the man shows up at his front door in his face. Some times the harsh truth is what’s needed. “Achilles Heal” appears on Higgins’ Good Forever album which is available now.