Nate Davinci, he of “Cabin Fever” fame from earlier this spring released his Sincerely Davinci tape over the weekend. It lasts all of nine tracks and if you listen to it via Soundcloud, it actually plays in reverse. “Cabin Fever” leads everything off with “Socrates” featuring KAM – ALYN & Julian Outlaw running the anchor leg for everything. So, technically when you hear Sincerely Davinci, the first voice your hear is Nate Davinci harmonizing and the closing voice being the posse cut that first brought him to our attention.

Throughout the nine tracks, every one carries a different name and feel to it. Producers like Justus Redix, Terry Enterprises, MJ Nichols, ThaBankBoy, Grim Delarosa and Cashous Clay all get their just due. Still, it’s all Nate Davinci, proving to be one of the newer Houston rookies with a pulse on what may come next.