In the land of the T-Rex, only the Jurassic can claim king. Jurassic World, the highly anticipated Jurassic Park sequel which arrived late Thursday night set box office records over the weekend to claim the #1 spot for the weekend.

The Chris Pratt starring vehicle not only shattered the box office in the U.S. with the second biggest opening weekend ever ($204 million), it set a record for the biggest global opening ever at $511 million. Does wonders for Pratt’s upcoming future as a box office superstar with roles in The Magnificent Seven, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 and the possibility that he may be playing a certain adventurous archeologist who happens to have a phobia of snakes. The only two films nestled between Jurassic World‘s huge opening? The first Avengers film which opened with $207.4 million and Age Of Ultron which fell earlier this summer with a $191 million opening weekend.

In three days alone, Jurassic World made back its $150 million budget domestically for director Colin Trevorrow and the $511 million worldwide gross beat out that of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part II which opened with $494 million. Jurassic World easily stomped out its predecessor, Jurassic Park III which earned just $47 million when it was released in 1997.

Last week’s box office champion, the Melissa McCarthy helmed Spy fell to second with $16 and an overall haul of $60 million. The Rock’s disaster flick San Andreas clocked in at third with $11 million to cross the $300 million barrier worldwide. Indisious Chapter 3 plummeted 68% from its opening week by grabbing $7.3 million ($37 million domestic), Pitch Perfect 2 racked in $6 million to stick their vocals at number 5 ($170.7 million domestic) and the boys from Entourage sit at sixth with $4.3 million ($25.8 million domestic).


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