Two weeks ago, movers and shakers inside of the Dallas mtroplex held #DallasWeek, an ode to the long underrated and under-appreciated Dallas hip-hop scene. Everything culminated with a homecoming show for Post Malone, the Dallas now Los Angeles transplant who went viral with “White Iverson” earlier this year.

If Post Malone was the main event, the undercard for Dallas week served a far greater purpose, especially for the likes of Devy $tonez and Brandon Ford, two artists (one originally from Louisiana) offering a sound far more different than what Malone and others may be offering. $tonez, a Louisiana native digs deeper into a multitude of sounds, his latest music such as “Lights On” and “Polarity” offering far more into storytelling, small hints of the Native Tongue vibe as well as sneered identity ala Kanye West.


“Lights On,” builds from twinkling notes reminiscent of a music box before $tonez kicks and nods about sex in Paris, understanding he’s way past average and shaking his head with a simple statement, “I don’t trust ’em, we be fucking with the lights on.”

$tonez is a fan of New Dallas, the youth culture wave that like many minor crests in the DFW has sustained more than enough energy to pack rooms at Beauty Bar, Club Dada and more. He, much like Ford can argue that Dallas will never truly have a defined sound because the youth are constantly moving, constantly exploring and consistently attempting to not sound like everyone else. Terrence Spectacle’s recent “Night Owl” release is proof of it. “Polarity,” far more slower paced and melodic from Devy $tonez takes the 19-year-old to a point where drums and pianos can help convey his point even more. “Should I cop me some patience cause that’s something I lack?” he asks before reverting back to a man who wants to merely take things over, one rhyme and song at a time. It’s noble, a bit admirable for a near twenty-something thinking that the only arena which holds him back is the one he stands in.


Ford’s moment, so trap you can almost pinpoint where the pause and triple snare are coming arrives on “Blue Hunnits,” a more than superb brag rap affair where Ford professes that his best friend is the plug, that he sleeps with a bad Latina who gets what he’s trying to accomplish and may enjoy some of his best moments with crew inside the mall. “Blue Hunnits,” much like plenty of trap records is one that lives in the moment. It doesn’t expect to live forever, nor should it. It’s Brandon Ford digging into being a bit pompous and happy as fuck about his current situation. What’s to hate about that?

The two of them figure to play heavy into Dallas’ future. $tonez is playing a benefit show for Be My Friend & Kiss Killed at Club Dada over the weekend along with a DJ set from Sober and performances from DJ Junk Food, Yung Wave & Herrick & Hooley. The reason for said benefit may be one of the few fucked up parts about Dallas Week as Be My Friend had his laptop and hard drives broken during the Post Malone show. Details can be found here.