Elle Varner - Birthday f. 50 Cent

“Yesterday was your birthday, so I had to put it down in the worst way.”

This is how Elle Varner makes her entrance on “Birthday,” her newest record which features 50 Cent and the presumed second single from the singer’s long-awaited 4 Letter Word sophomore LP. Over a funky instrumental which includes thudding drums, flutes, and is every bit the “trap-jazz” sound Elle once told Twitter she was experimenting with, Varner floats along the four minute and twenty second number outlining her plans for her man.

Unapologetic and half-seducing, half-teasing, it’s as though the girl from “Not Tonight” inherited the courage of the girl on “Soundproof Room,” stripped of her innocence and devoted only to pleasing the dude who’s got her attention (as though the suggestive single artwork isn’t enough of a giveaway). 50 Cent resurrects the role he played on Ciara’s “Can’t Leave Em Alone,” the bad boy who’s brought the bad side of the good girl out and whose gravelly voice stands in a complementary contrast to Elle’s light vocals. “Birthday” may well be Varner’s most radio friendly record since “Refill.”

Elle Varner’s 4 Letter Word LP, on which “Birthday” is expected to appear, arrives later this year.