FOR FIRST USE IN USA TODAY - SNEAK PEEK ON JUNE 4, 2015 Michael Ealy (left) and Sanaa Lathan star in the Screen Gems motion pictureTHE PERFECT GUY. Credit: Dan McFadden, Screen Gems ORG XMIT: Michael Ealy (Finalized) [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

Sometimes the perfect guy isn’t so perfect. He could look like Steph Curry, be caring and nuturing and also be the world’s most physically and psychologically intimidating IT guy. That in a small nutshell is what Sanaa Lathan has to deal with in her new thriller movie, The Perfect Guy.

Lathan plays Leah Vaughn, a successful lobbyist in Washington who seems to have the charmed life. She has a stud looking boyfriend played by longtime Hollywood eye candy Morris Chestnut who loves and adores her. Problem is, she also wants something more out of being 36 years old and someone’s longtime girlfriend. She wants a husband and children, something commitment phobic Chestnut is reluctant towards. In the middle of their teased breakup, Lathan meets Carter Duncan played by Michael Ealy. Ealy is what everyone really wanted out of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades.

Mysterious, brooding, confident, Ealy’s Duncan quickly moves in to Lathan’s life as seemingly the perfect boyfriend, getting her father’s approval and then some. Passion, dreams, all of it comes with Carter Duncan. But like any good relationship, there’s a catch, one that has Sanaa trying to out wit Ealy before he kills her after ending their relationship.

The Perfect Guy, which releases in September is directed by David M. Rosenthal (A Single Shot) and was written by Tyger Williams. See the debut trailer below.

Photo Credit: Dan McFadden, Screen Gems