Cardo - Cardo's Groove IV

Producer Cardo doesn’t really sleep. In fact, I’m sure his pillow is a Pro Tools and his actual bed isn’t a bed, but a futon that comes with a fold-out soundboard. The producer just got done providing his instrumental greatness to Jeezy’s surprise summer tape Gangsta Party about two weeks ago; and yet, today, he took to Soundcloud to unveil the fourth in his “Cardo’s Groove” series of beats.

As with every installment prior, there’s no rapping on “Cardo’s Groove IV.” Instead, it’s three-and-a-half minute journey to the West Coast, its beat built for driving with the windows down as the California sun wavers in the background. Though it’s a beat all Cardo’s own, the influences from classic Death Row era production and G-Funk pulse through and through. You’d damn near expect Ice Cube or Snoop Dogg to begin rhyming over the beat drops and tinkling synths before it ends. That, or you’ll want to dig up GTA: San Andreas and pretend you’re CJ all over again.

Stream & download Cardo’s “Cardo’s Groove IV” and go back to Cali with the producer down below.