Few artists represent the “what you see is what you get” mantra better than Esau Mack & Show Louis. Both of them and seen the belly of the beast and come out with their heads held high. Shit has been thrown their way, regardless of position in life but they’ve dealt with it. They just want to rap about experiences and moments, nothing more nothing less. Show may still be posted up on Southmore looking for something to sell, Esau Mack has told the world on numerous occasions that he never wants to see the inside of the gray bar hotel. They want more “On Everything,” more for their families and careers.

As barebones as the track may be, it runs parallel with everything Esau Mack & Show Louis have been about for the duration of their careers. Staying the course, rapping about what you know and what you’ve seen. Stream “On Everything” from the OnDek Muzik duo below.