Dannie Walker’s first love was her mother.

The Houston-based singer with the voice of a woman who definitely belonged in an era where groups and vocalists were cherished decides to speak to the woman who raised and nurtured her on “Thank You,” produced by Jett I. Masstyr. No need for dragging out 808 drums and skittering snares, the producer drags out piano chords, subtle drums and lets Walker’s voice and emotion carry the track. “You just don’t know how much you inspire me, Mama when you left it took the breath right out of me,” she sings, letting her voice drip with a mix of sorrow and happiness. “You gotta take the time out, to let them know how you feel,” Walker says.

Listen to Dannie Walker “Thank You” below. Walker’s The Half Empty Optimist EP, produced entirely by Jett I. Masstyr arrives later this year.