Chance The Rapper x Donnie Trumpet - SURF_cover

It seemed as though Chance The Rapper was setting up his fans and most loyal listeners for a major letdown when, two weeks ago, it was alleged that the Chicago emcee and Donnie Trumpet, in collaboration with his Social Experiment band, would be dropping their much-awaited SURF project. But the weeks passed and each one came and went with no news about SURF, though Chano wasn’t shy at all about showing off on his soundcloud to pass the time.

Maybe this was all a part of the plan.

Chance The Rapper joined the growing list of artists who’ve been “surprise” releasing their albums at earlier tonight, when SURF appeared on iTunes. Chancellor conveniently left his name physically off the project, with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment headlining the project, but his presence and nasal crooning is present from the very beginning. Clocking in at sixteen tracks and boasting a whopping tracklist that includes Erykah Badu, Raury, Big Sean, BJ The Chicago Kid, Janelle Monae, and even Busta Rhymes, SURF is summer ready and blends jazzy grooves with smooth moves. The only thing bigger than its features? The fact that Chance, Donnie, and SoX have opted to release the project on iTunes at no charge. With social media already exploding with the news that SURF is, well, up, it’ll be interesting to see if, as a free album, the LP does major numbers overnight.

Stream Donnie Trumpet and Chance The Rapper’s SURF LP in full down below, courtesy of the good folks at RapDose. And if you like what you hear, be sure to grab SURF completely free off iTunes now.

[via Rapdose]