There’s something about Sam Lorenzo’s swagger.

The Maryland product who exists as a part of DMV rap collective Freshmen on Varsity seems to combine the braggadocios of Rick Ross with the carefree “I don’t give a f*ck” demeanor of Chief Keef. And even these comparisons fall short – Lorenzo is confident enough to believe in himself even if you don’t, and look like he’s having the time of his life while doing so. We saw this for the first time on “Poker Chips,” Sam’s infectious mid-fall single late last year. Now, the emcee is back with another trippy-catchy number “Katrina.”

Richy Guzman is behind the lens for “Katrina” video, depicting Lorenzo posted up with his boys in the woods at some points and, at others, in an abandoned garage with a lovely lady who works a pole and even twerks on the hood of Sam’s car. The titular character isn’t the point of the song, however – it’s less about “Katrina” herself, and more about having what it takes to pull her.

Lorenzo’s lyrics say as much themselves, from the minute he rattles off his pitch to the girl he wants to be “his wife for the night” in the first verse, over some trippy production from Coubo. Like Sam taunting “You ain’t really got it like that!” on the song’s hook isn’t insulting to everyone’s empty pockets as is.