DJ Slim K x DJ Candlestick - To Chop A Butterfly

Hate it or love it, Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly set a tone for the music to come for the rest of 2015. It emphasized live instrumentation, and gave Kendrick the kind of soundscape on which his storytelling could flourish best – with jazz-like improvisation on some records, soul samples, and just a splash of the aggressive West Coast sound that dominated his debut album for the purists.

Some liked that Kendrick was heading in a different direction with his artistry, while others felt it too lush to be an actual rappity-rap album. It was harsh in many places and even its most upbeat moments – “i” and “Alright” – were triumphs as a result of, rather than in spite of, challenges.

Slim K and DJ Candlestick surely kept this in mind when they embarked upon the task of purpling up the most sonically ambitious LP of the year to date. Which explains why To Pimp A Butterfly is one thing, but To Chop A Butterfly is something entirely different.

As with any Chopstars tape, OG Ron C sets the stage with an intro, but even that doesn’t prepare one for the COMPLETE sonic transformation of Kendrick’s masterpiece. All the aggression and anger that pulsed through TPAB, has been chopped not slopped to a soulful mix that, altogether, sounds like something from the ’70s. Hence “Wesley’s Theory’s” Parliament Funkadelic sound is morphed into a lowrider oldie that Rick James would smile on; “King Kunta’s” frustration and “Smooth Criminal” sample are chopped into an instrumental that’s merely missing Bobby Womack; the country-rap feel of “Hood Politics” goes lullaby blues; and the Isley Brothers-sampling “i” becomes damn near disco. And that’s only four of the tracks.

Stream and download The Chopstars x Kendrick Lamar’s To Chop A Butterfly mixtape down below.