sauce walka drake

Since my name is in the byline, let’s discuss something that I have been told I should forget about. Beating a dead horse is never appropriate but, maybe this horse isn’t dead, yet. Maybe we should feed it. Maybe this horse needs a good once over. So here goes.

Drake’s second installment of Houston Appreciation Weekend came and went, quickly. A full recap of the events can be found via simple Instagram search. One Instagram account in particular became a topic of uproar during the occasion; that of Houston artist Sauce Walka. I hate to dabble in social media gossip but, background is necessary for understanding here. The short background is, Drake took to the gram awhile back and announced he would be featured on a remix of “2 Legited 2 Quited”; a popular song by rap duo The Sauce Twinz, which Sauce Walka is one half of. When time for HAW came, the remix still had not been released. As these things go, Walka took to the same social platform to vent his frustrations, ultimately stating that Drake isn’t as loyal to Houston as the key to the city might lead you to believe.

Shots fired.

Sauce Walka is from Houston; we’ve been drippin’ sauce everywhere. Drake loves Houston; he has a co-sign, a day and a tattoo. Oh no! Whose side do we take? Politics and personal feelings aside, Sauce Walka wasn’t wrong in his frustrations. At the same time, Drake isn’t to blame.

Regardless of how you feel about Sauce Walka, the man is consistent with his lack of give a fucks and has made it well known that he has no intentions of adhering to the status quo. Keeping it HAW related, in one of the aforementioned  Instagram videos Walka says he is from “Splashtown, Texas not H-Town.” Some have taken issue with that statement but, can you blame him? When push came to shove, “H-Town” didn’t seem to have his back. Instead, the same city that encouraged and even gave Sauce Walka accolades for his previous antics was suddenly against him. Why now? The city didn’t side with Steve Francis or our own other local rappers over the sauce but, Drake is apparently where we draw the line. Sauce Walka wasn’t wrong. In fact, having a discourse about the bigger picture of his frustrations in this instance, is necessary.

Once it seemed Drake was finally going to, for all intents and purposes, “cosign” an up and coming Houston act, The Sauce Twinz’s already rapidly growing buzz instantly flew into overdrive. It was like the heavens shined a light down on The Sauce Factory. Media outlets wanted to know everything about them. Drake fans who didn’t already, wanted to know who The Sauce Twinz were. The whole world was about to be drippin’ sauce, right? Then, no remix. Just as quickly as they started talking, media went mostly silent on matters regarding The Sauce Twinz. Whatever Drake’s reasoning was for not doing a 2 Legited 2 Quited Remix as he promised, does not matter. As an artist, he is free to make music whenever and with whomever he pleases.  Drake isn’t to blame for Houston insisting to look to him as some sort of savior. This one is on us. Houston has been an easy exploitation target for over 10 years. Drake isn’t to blame for people expecting him to be genuinely loyal to a city that afforded him all the luxuries of a “hometown hero” with no due diligence.

One thing that really stood out was Sauce Walka saying “y’all need to start paying attention to the details.” As much as I have addressed my discrepancies with almost everything sauce related, I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Pay attention to the details. Apparently, we should stop talking about this whole subject. Just beating a dead horse, right? It’s been a week. We should stop discussing it. Honestly, it’s been a decade and these discussions are long overdue. I’m not ready to call this one dead, yet. While Sauce Walka wasn’t wrong and Drake isn’t to blame, it should not be the end of this discourse.