Spotify MIGHT be a little scared.

With TIDAL upping the ante by way of Jay-Z’s ‘B-Sides’ concert and dibs on Beyonce and Nicki Minaj’s “Feelin’ Myself” visuals, and Apple/Beats Music announcing plans to expand their content at a lower price, it’s only right that the other major streaming music service opted to make changes of its own.

And these are pretty interesting changes, to say the least.

Yesterday, Spotify announced, by way of a YouTube video, some of the features they’ll be adding to their platform in the months to come. Streaming video content will soon be available as part of a “Shows” tab, allowing users to watch clips and possibly even full episodes of some of their favorite shows. Comedy Central is already on board, and E!, VICE, and Adult Swim are also some of the early names involved with Spotify’s streaming video services. Podcasts will also be thrown into the mix as available content.

But the most intriguing feature of all? A new tab called “Running,” which will find and play music that matches your intensity and pace as you’re running or jogging. It’s not exactly an original concept but it should make Spotify even more attractive as a platform for the more fit-conscious amongst us.

Spotify hasn’t revealed a “timetable” or release date as to when these features will start being available on the app, but you can watch the video up top and at least prepare yourself for what’s to come from the big green dot.