“Why’s it hard to choose between being real and being fake, huh?”

If anybody understands that there is power in words, it’s Rapsody. The former Day & A Dream #BreakoutQueen’s lyrical dexterity is a thing of beauty, so much so that it’s allowed the North Carolina emcee to command an incredible following. Her most recent mixtape, Beauty & The Beast, is still getting play. And fresh off releasing a music video for one track off the project – the solid “The Man” – Rap wasn’t about to let another gem, “Hard to Choose,” be ignored, either.

Teaming up with REVOLT TV, Rapsody has given “Hard to Choose” a set of visuals that not only communicate the message she was trying to convey, but also give her lyrics new weight. The song itself had Rap reciting contradictions, comparing the things she had to “choose” in order to product quality rather than mediocrity over a smooth beat loop from 9th Wonder. In the Kent Willard-directed music video, however, all eyes are on Rap broadcasting live as her image appears on TV before many different audiences. “Hard to Choose” thus goes from being a personal statement Rap intended to make, to a universal one that will especially hit home with little Black girls aspiring for more.

Rapsody’s Beauty & The Beast project, on which “Hard to Choose” appears, is available now on iTunes.