Google Maps White House

Most of the time, Google gets it right. Over the past decade, Google’s daily “Google doodle” has won the day in remembering belated historical figures and bringing a smile to plenty of faces with its creativity.

But every once in a while, Google gets its wrong. The company’s most recent flub? Its “Google Maps” application having the penchant to remind users that there’s a Black man in the White House.

Not sure what we mean? Simply type “nigga house” or “Nigger house” into the Google Maps search box and see where it takes you. That’s right – according to Google Maps, that’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The issue has since been brought to the attention of Google representatives. According to TMZ, a Google representative is dismissing the incident as merely a glitch and insisting that their teams are “working on it.” But time will tell if the same result still comes up in a destination search on the app by the time Friday rolls around.

Post-racial America for you, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s not all bad, however. If calling the White House “nigga house” lets people know that President Barack Obama is occupying the same White House that a Black man designed… it’s not all bad.

[via TMZ]