Distinct Vibe

Day & A Dream has the privilege of officially premiering Houston native Izzar Thomas’ project Distinct Vibe.

The project consists of 14 tracks, each of which prove the title to be true. From the moment the intro plays to the last second  of the final cut, Distinct Vibe is a fitting description. Every track has it’s own vibe yet they all lend to an overall cohesive sound. With features from fellow Houstonians Bobby Earth, Cooley Kimble, Rocky Banks and Tim Woods, the project showcases the caliber of talent coming out of the city and their ability to take the unbeaten path. Not to mention that the entirety of  production found on Distinct Vibe is attributed to hometown talent including Izzar himself, Treson Jamar, DJ Tazer and Sayyid. The complement of Izzar’s unique lyricism and vocals with the eclectic production create an incomparable sound.

Izzar Thomas rapped, sang and produced for Distinct Vibe. A feat that too often goes unnoticed.

STANDOUT TRACKS: I Know ft. Bobby Earth, Let It Out and Hell Of A Life

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