Dom Kennedy - Dom Kennedy LP

For hip-hop heads, the summer is synonymous with Dom Kennedy.

The Left Coast emcee doesn’t make very many other appearances throughout the given calendar year – save perhaps as a guaranteed feature on whatever project(s) Nipsey Hussle drops – so we look as forward to seeing DK in the summer months, as we do to seeing women in sundresses and string bikinis. Dom’s absence last summer was noticeable, even as he dropped two singles towards the close of the year that came and went with minimal buzz.

Thankfully, that won’t be repeating in 2015.

Dom Kennedy took to his Instagram on Friday afternoon to unveil the cover artwork for Dom Kennedy, by Dom Kennedy. Set as its caption were the numbers “6.2.2015.” – as in June 2, 2015, the official first day of summer. And tonight, mere minutes ago, Mr. OPM dropped the album’s official tracklisting.

Peep the tracklist down below (which bears, not surprisingly, Dom’s much-lauded “Represent” single); if you can’t wait, you can pre-order the Dom Kennedy LP on iTunes now.

With the pre-order link available, one can only hope Dom will leak one of the tracks before the week ends. Yes, we, too, hope the first to leak is “Thank You Biggie.”

Dom Kennedy - Dom Kennedy_tracklist