The first real big joker Jay Z uses for TIDAL is letting the world in on Nicki Minaj & Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” video. What we got last week with Iggy Azalea & Britney Spears is an absolute shame compared to this where the Queen of R&B and the reigning queen of hip-hop are twerking, partying BFFs who single handled bring in the era of jersey swimsuits, hit the road to hit Coachella, eating hamburgers and easily conjuring up the idea that the “Feeling Myself” video is just one long stretch of life where Nicki Minaj & Beyonce are the anti-thesis to the 2 Broke Girls show. By the way, I’d absolutely watch a Beyonce & Nicki Minaj sitcom.

Watch the “Feeling Myself” video here, without that pesky Tidal subscription.