Last year, Run The Jewels mixed politics, anger and out right rapping to create the year’s best rap album, Run The Jewels 2. Even though they’ve spent time showing the world what they’re working on with Run The Jewels 3, Killer Mike & El-P still feel they aren’t done promoting the second, which means a video for “Early,” track number seven from their late Fall LP.

Vocally, Boots will at least soothe a few things out but the tone of “Early” is an easy hark back to “Close Your Eyes”. The visual of citizens fed up with the actions of the police still remains the same, the constant disconnect always there. Watch the video above. If you want more Killer Mike in your lives (and who doesn’t), Mike will appear on Real Time With Bill Maher at 10 p.m. EST discussing race relations as it pertains to Baltimore. In other words, the Jewel Runners are making positive headlines as a more vulgar Public Enemy.