Melanie Fiona - Bite The Bullet

R&B works best when it comes from a vulnerable place. The genre thrives on emotions more than it does on hip-hop or pop beats and a feature rap verse. Canadian singer Melanie Fiona understands this quite well. The singer went from flirting with R&B sound on her debut LP to embracing it wholeheartedly on her sophomore album, The MF Life.

But following The MF Life, save a few “freestyles” on her webcam, the Pepsi-endorsed “Cold Piece,” and an appearance on the Catch The Throne mixtape, Melanie Fiona faded into the background.

Maybe Melanie’s sorry for the MF Wait. Or maybe she isn’t. In any case, Melanie Fiona broke her silence on Twitter this past Sunday by revealing that she had “new music coming” on May 12. That new music is her first official single in nearly two years, “Bite the Bullet.”

Over producer Dre Harris’s sundrenched, drums and guitars instrumentation, Fiona uses the gun metaphor implied by the song’s artwork, hiding anguish behind the upbeat island grooves. “I remember when you said you loved me,” the songbird croons, recalling how it was so good, before it went so bad. And now that it is, there’s no point in holding back feelings.

“Bite the Bullet” is slated to appear on Melanie Fiona’s upcoming third album Awake, due out later this year. But for now, you can grab the single off iTunes.