Jamie Foxx - Hollywood_cover

Leave it to Jamie Foxx to give us our first official slow jam for the summer.

With his Hollywood: A Story of Dozen Roses album arriving next week, the leaks are starting to roll out for Foxx’s fourth studio album. Thankfully, Foxx set free the audio for one of the project’s more anticipated tracks, “Like A Drum” featuring Wale, earlier this week.

Look, let’s ignore the fact that Jamie Foxx gets his Little Drummer Boy on, on the song’s bridge by saying, “Bum, bum, bum, bum,” to mimic the sounds of the drum. Actually, let’s assume that the drum sound effect adds to the track’s six minutes of seduction. Over a scaled-back beat replete with bass and chirps, Foxx doesn’t hesitate to elaborate in explicit detail as to the things he plans to do to his lady in the bedroom. Wale provides nice guest bars as well – he resurrects his flow from “Bad,” keeping it brief so that they fall perfectly between verses from Foxx to keep the mood set just right.

The Wale-assisted “Like A Drum” appears on Jamie Foxx’s Hollywood: A Story of Dozen Roses LP, which touches down in stores and online May 18th.