Time will tell us that we were given LA duo J*DaVeY a bit earlier than we should have. The duo who blended electro funk with hip-hop and some pop sensibilities combined it all to release a few mixtapes and EPs, grab a deal from Warner Bros and ultimately, like many groups ahead of their time, end up right back where they started.

In the interim of their recording careers, Brook D’Leau became Miguel’s musical director while lead singer Miss Jack Davey strengthened her pen writing for Miguel as well as becoming a mother.

POMP, their official return to music should be considered a big deal. D’Leau & Jack Davey’s brand new EP is a triumphant one with the singles “Strong Anticipation” & “Coulda Would Shoulda” playing on hues of seduction with wiser hesitance and sadness. “I’m in my tiny padded room with nothing left to discover, No way around the realization that we may need each other,” Davey sings on “Strong Anticipation,” — still sultry but a bit more heady than before.

The 30-minute project switches from lusty affairs to outright romance throughout its 8 tracks. It’s a good thing — because the world of R&B can use a healthy mix of love and carnal desire admist the bubblegum jams.

Stream the brand new POMP EP from J*DaVeY here.