This morning, Houston artist Nique released his much anticipated project 6 AM. Luckily, we had the luxury of digesting the project for a couple of days and, it only gets better.

6 AM consists of just 9 tracks yet, nothing is lacking.  With a combination of lyrical mastery and straight Houston, drank induced greatness, there is something for every type of fan; yet the entire project is still impressively cohesive.  Whether it be young, unapologetic bravado or darker realism, one thing is evident-Nique can rap his ass off.  Tracks like “Thank God” followed by “Everything/Bag Flow II” showcase Nique’s ability to provide strictly bars, good ones.  Of course, there’s some singing and stunting for the ladies, namely on “Keep It Jumpin'” and “High Rise”; and we aren’t mad at it at all.  Then there is the interlude, called “Struggle Rapper”.  Between the comedy of the content and the fact that the singing feels like Billy Cook is responsible for it, this interlude is still hilarious 2 days later.  “Forget About It” and “The Depression” highlight a totally different side of Nique.  Lyrically, they address Nique’s personal struggles and prove his versatility as an artist.  No matter what he is rapping about, it sounds good.

Another impressive element of 6 AM is the overall quality, not only lyrically but production wise as well.  Produced primarily by LexiBanks and Nique himself, with help from Richie Rich and Chemist, every track incorporates the same level of high quality sound. All these factors lend themselves to a very well-rounded and honestly, really fun project. Nique has something, he is definitely an artist to keep your antennas up for.

Standout Tracks: “Thank God”, “High Rise” and “Depression”

Stream: Nique – 6 AM