a slight breeze

At just 18, A Slight Breeze (Lukas Bartke) is an artist to take note of. A quick visit to his soundcloud provides plenty of proof that the singing producer, composer, writer and probably superhero from Dallas has a successful music career ahead of him. Most recently, A Slight Breeze teamed up with another one of Dallas’s up and coming artists, ThatKidCam for “Hiding Away”.

A Slight Breeze is not only responsible for vocals on the hook, but every instrument on and the entire arrangement of the track. And it sounds amazing. To be fair, “Hiding Away” also features what may be ThatKidCam stepping out of his comfort zone with one of his best lyrical offerings to date. A dark, introspective track that hits you like (chuckle) A Slight Breeze, it is initially reminiscent of an easy going, mostly acoustic love song. Instead, Breeze sings dreamily of hiding away, permanently and Cam raps candidly about drug use, demons and self actualization. The dramatics of the instrumentation tie a huge, well arranged bow on this offering.

Honestly, all the description in the world wouldn’t do “Hiding Away” justice. This is an important track. Besides obliterating genre boxes, it organically showcases two very talented artists. Keep A Slight Breeze and ThatKidCam on your radar.

Listen: A Slight Breeze – Hiding Away ft. ThatKidCam