In the land of Dallas, musicianship is key. The common belief that Dallas continues to stretch its musical sound without readily identifying to one. It’s like watching a teenager continue to grow like a weed, unsure if the final product is going to be a scraggly clump of arms and legs or something far more defined and cut like a Greek God. The middle ground however is where Terrence Spectacle resides.

Precocious and lanky with a stringy afro that stretches his length well over six feet, Spectacle is the 20-year-old rapper who traded Midwest roots in Detroit and surrounding areas for Dallas’ drawl and humidity. He’s a former track and theater kid turned musician, evolving from creating music in his closet to inviting friends to hear it and soon, complete strangers. His sound registers somewhere between that of pop rap, a shimmering mix of singing and rapping and soulful trap, something that keeps him right in the mix for potential festival gigs and more.

His latest single, “Night Owl,” which is being premiered tonight via Day & A Dream is a combination of all those things, including Spectacle’s own wit and charm. There’s jokes about Bill Withers, items in common and a general late night hue to ride with your lady under city lights. It’s the first single from the Dallas product since January’s “Kingz Cup,” and the first true single he’s looking forward to present en mass since last August’s NuDallas tape. You can listen to “Night Owl” below.

“With “Nite Owl” specifically, it came about through a linking of one in-house producers with the IRAS, Larce Blake and another producer from another collective from overseas in Medasin and they did their thing,” he says via phone on a warm Saturday in Dallas. “I wrote that record at 3 AM in my living room and it just came from there. I think I took a nap that day. I got off work, took a nap and woke up vitalized. It sucked because I couldn’t go to sleep but I guess it played a part in making the song.”

On His Writing & Crafting Lyrics
“From a lyrical standpoint, a lot of people go, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it sounds good!” when it comes to my lyrics. But it’s a lot of wit. Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite authors, writers from screenplays, composers … he’s one those people for me that a lot of people won’t hear about. Maya Angelou, she’s a black female hero and I wrote poetry up until the time I started rapping. From 5 to 15, I have a book in my house which my mom kept of some of my earliest writing. For some reason they were all extremely imaginative. And they rhymed! I always thought that was weird but then you’ve got 5-year-olds now who know how to use iPads and iPhones, but there’s a lot of internal rhyming. A lot of double entendres. I’m well equipped with my literary terms … I’ll never stop studying a day in my life.”

On Being A Big Bill Withers Fan:
“He’s a strong early inspiration for me, one of my favorite singers. Nobody’ll ever know but I’ll sing along to a lot of Bill Withers songs. We’re both bass baritone type singers, but I’m a rapper so…”

You can read the entire Q&A tomorrow. Until then, enjoy “Night Owl” from Terrence Spectacle.

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