The ESPN and WWE have become strange bedfellows over the past couple of months. When Brock Lesnar announced his return to wrestling and retirement from MMA, it came via SportsCenter and Michelle Beadle. On the night of WrestleMania, the company was reporting results from the show live on SportsCenter as if it were the Super Bowl. It may have reached its peak when the NXT centric ‘Behind The Curtain’ documentary hitting ESPN’s 60 Minutes style show E:60 earlier this week.

If you ever wanted a time warp into what NXT was like two years ago before the WWE Network and how it was a niche item on Hulu that people supported, here you go. There’s highlights of Adam Rose, back when he was Leo Kruger, when Corey Graves was considered one of the next big things in the company before injuries forced him to call it a career and join the announce booth, Xavier Woods back when he had a terrible jacket, Afro and no real direction, Colin “Big Cass” Cassidy who is still currently in NXT as one of its more popular tag teams and more. The one problem you could say about the 50-minute documentary is that it didn’t feature the women of the roster, the group that has shown the most promise and poise in their two years in development. There are major acts such as Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bailey and others who translate to mainstream WWE audiences and more.

Behind The Curtain almost acts like a precursor to why NXT at the moment in its one hour accomplishes more from a storyline and wrestling perspective than the two and three hour counterparts of Smackdown & Raw combined. It’s a documentary about the WWE version of NXT, where the Performance Center was their pride and joy and the crowd at Full Sail University in Orlando was its playground. Before Triple H turned it into a glorified e-fed that is producing some of the best wrestling content on television today. It’s why certain stars such as Neville & Sami Zayn get huge crowd reactions when they hit the main stage and the documentary also offers you a small glimmer of hope in acts like Rose who may be stuck in a comedy gimmick and you want more from him. There are bonus segments on Tyler Breeze & “Big Cass” Colin Cassidy but they’re relatively short, not exactly offering the same level of depth as what was given to Graves, Woods & Rose.

Watch the full 50-minute Behind The Curtain documentary here.