Let us never forget the time that Ja Rule appeared on Fox Business in the year of our lord 2015 and was asked not only about his thoughts on next year’s presidential election, but also marketing credit cards to millennials.

Why is this awkward? Because Ja Rule was jailed for tax evasion charges in 2011 and served two years on said charges.

Here’s the skinny of Ja’s appearance on Fox Business. The hosts asked him a multitude of questions and he gave his opinions on Baltimore, credit cards and Hillary Clinton’s chances to win election in 2016. “I like Hillary, but you know, it’s crazy because I also think Jeb is a good candidate as well.”

Look at that hot political take from Ja Rule! Let’s also remind ourselves that he didn’t step on the Fox Business set and tell the world he respects Mrs. Clinton because “she’s a down ass bitch” or that “every thug needs a lady” or no questions anywhere near the fact of Mrs. Clinton “always being on time”, even if she’s not always there when we call. Sadly, this was only missing Ashanti in terms of hot political takes from things we really, really cared about in 2002.

Once more proving that he’s a prophet, Dave Chappelle predicted such a thing in his 2004 standup special, For What It’s Worth. He famously lamented in regards to people asking Ja Rule about 9/11, “I don’t want to dance. I’m scared to death! I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now.”