BeatKing & DJ Chose are kindred spirits when it comes to twerk songs. Be honest with yourself. You’ve heard “Throw Dat Ahh” enough times to create your own dance pattern to it. So, for “Stand Behind Her,” complete with a Ying Yang Twins inspired opener, the two of them are in search of the world’s greatest twerker.

This isn’t Ben E. King by a longshot. In the Lil Justin directed clip, BeatKing, Chose and the rest of the crew sit back and begin to grade twerkers by their movements. Now, I’m not quite sure there was a criteria in terms of the votes but I’m pretty sure there was plenty of planning and conferring done by BeatKing & Chose. Watch the “Stand Behind Her” video for yourself and pick your favorite. Bonus points if you can catch how many faces of awe BeatKing makes at certain maneuvers.

Club God 4 is available now.