Jill Scott - Fool's Gold

“Oh, I can’t believe I ever believed in you!”

Jill Scott is fed up, y’all.

Though there’s still no set date for Jill’s upcoming album, the recurring theme on her most recent singles seems to be one where she’s tired of people and tired-er of trifling men. Look no further than Jill’s newest release, “Fool’s Good,” which Scott unleashed on the internets on Monday.

In a stark contrast to the emotionally charged “You Don’t Know,” “Fool’s Gold” has Jilly from Philly resurrecting the token sass that flourished on some of her older releases (see, “Gettin’ in The Way”). Over a beat provided by the ghost of J. Dilla himself, Jill vents on how silly she might have been to believe the lies and promises of the man in her life at the time; but even more on how silly the man might have been to think he could play her for a fool so easily. It’s a three-and-a-half minute number that’s equal parts scornful and spiteful, and it all comes together quite nicely.

Jill Scott’s “Fool’s Gold” single is available now on iTunes.