holy water


In January, Chattanooga artist TUT supplied his first complete offering with what may prove to be his break through project, Preacher’s SonToday, with the direction help of AK Films, Keith Ward and Colby Clark, TUT released visuals for “Holy Water”, one of the first releases and stand out tracks from the project.

“Holy Water” features Chattanooga natives Angel Mae, who provided her ethereal vocals, and Ktoven on the production side. Lyrically, TUT raps about the very thin and subjective line between right and wrong and how it is manipulated for reality’s sake, “dope boy ambitions man, you gotta handle business. It’s December and you’re broke and your kid just made a wishlist.” The visuals are stark and exactly what was expected upon first hearing the track. Simply and almost haunting, they depict the story that TUT tells, perfectly.

You can stream TUT’s “Holy Water” visual featuring Angel Mae, below.


Watch: TUT – Holy Water feat. Angel Mae