golden rules

Earlier this year, Florida artist Eric Biddines told us about one of his latest ventures; a band called Golden Rules alongside London producer Paul White, best known for his production work with Danny Brown. Today, in addition to news of their deal with Lex Records and debut show with BBNG and Ghostface Killah next month in London, Golden Rules released their very first offering, “Auntie Pearl’s House.”

With summer peaking around the corner, “Auntie Pearl’s House” pays homage to Biddines’ own rural upbringing as it conjures up feelings of warm weather, children playing and family cook-outs. The unconventionally soulful, acoustic track created by Golden Rules showcases the complement of Biddines’ smooth, southern lyricism and savory crooning with White’s simple and organic production. Plus, a whole lot of personality as the two contribute their uniquely crafted sound to the song. Long story short, “Auntie Pearl’s House” just feels damn good.

Word on the interwebs is that Golden Rules has completed an entire project due to be released later this year. Either way, if “Auntie Pearl’s House” is indicative of the quality of music these two talented artists have up their sleeves, it’s definitely something to look out for. Until then, find a sunny porch or patio and enjoy Golden Rules’ first release below.

Listen: Golden Rules – Auntie Pearl’s House