Every day there seems to be new news about Tidal, the streaming service fronted by Jay Z as an artist owned venture that is friendly to both artist and consumer. Sunday, Jay Z took to Twitter to defend the service and pleaded that people give the company a chance. Even though some are still riding with Jay and Tidal due to the shakiness of technology and the too early to tell prognostics, some are still weary of the service. The good and bad news continued Wednesday with the announcement of an exclusive ‘B-Sides’ concert from Hov that is open to those who only have the service.

The concert, where Jay will be performing album cuts and rarities that he doesn’t usually include in his live show comes with a catch for Tidal users. You win a ticket to the NYC show by making playlists and using the #TIDALXJAYZ hashtag You can see the full details below.



On the flip side, Tidal has raised its prices again. Following the initial roll out which included a price-tag of $20 for Tidal’s hi-fi subscription, Hypebot has noticed that the price for the stream service has increased to $12.99 for regular subscribers and $25.99 for hi-fi subscriber, a 30% price hike for iPhone users. The price for those with Androids remains unchanged. The price change took effect Monday.


The good side of Tidal is getting Jay Z to finally do something fans have begged of him for years. The only problem is that you have to meet him half way and join Tidal, which is now 30% more costly than it was a month ago.

UPDATE (11:27 AM CST) This story has been updated to reflect that the price hike is for Apple/iPhone subscribers.