It doesn’t take much to love JMSN, much like it doesn’t take much to look at a cute baby, singing about the beauty of Beyonce or thirst over an Instagram model or even decompress after sipping a fine beer. Enjoying JMSN is like walking through a field in the ’90s with overalls on (only one strap on your shoulder) and somebody whizzing by playing a soundtrack that is A) not Michael Bolton and B) guaranteed to get you the drawls later on in the evening.

This week in loving JMSN consisted of two things – a video for “Addicted” off JMSN (Blue Album) in which he basically broke down how the Internet works (memes, dancers, a hell of a lot of colors, the mystical value of pitching woo and come hither glances) and second, a track featuring himself and Sango called “Love Again” from Australian producer Ta-Ku’s Songs To Make Up To EP due out in June.

The “Addicted” video for JMSN is just as woozy and easy as the track itself. The Detroit singer puts himself in an 8-bit world where he’s floating in front of what appears to be choreographed dancers from an old Backstreet Boys video, aliens in spaceships, candy raining down the sky and plenty of clipped together images that evoke thoughts of one large acid trip.

By contrast, “Love Again” is like one of those awesome prom songs that get remembered forever. Lush harmonies, a smooth piano melody and lyrics where JMSN’s literally pouring his heart out in an attempt to win a girl over are the key here. You may spend more than a minute or so wondering when the actual bassline for “Love Again” is going to drop but it’s so damn easy to get lost in JMSN’s vocals and Ta-Ku & Sango’s arrangement. Once again, this is another example of why we love that long haired Detroit singer. And so should you.

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