A conversation about Houston rap will juggle about three different stances: a view of yesteryear, a sort of disenfranchised idea of the present and optimism without a plan for the future. As long as Houston continues on this street like inertia that uses Atlanta’s form of trap and mumble, heavy drums and little to no distinction in terms of rapping, then there very well may not be a future. If you hear it from Genesis Iver, a 22-year-old newcomer who’s busy finding his own voice, the city has forced him to become more open-minded, a thought process more in line with synergy as opposed to king of the hill.

The youth, those whom are disenfranchised with the city’s stranglehold on negativity are the ones who’ll be left to fight that fight. A guy who parades around with the stage name Genesis Iver is going to get a few looks even though he may look like the least likely candidate for a rap career. When he plants himself in front of a camera, say for his “Other Side” video, there’s blank stares, a feeling of holding back even though the track itself promotes raw energy. There’s poses, constant shifts in what exactly Iver wants to say and the constant tinkering with a balance. Everyone can make turn up tracks, the more memorable and melodic ones are what eventually wins people over.

Iver got his name from a Kanye West name generator, one created sometime around My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy since Iver is also the surname of Justin Vernon a/k/a Bon Iver. Our Iver, the one who affixed his first name with the first book of the Bible shows far more promise on “Happy Feelings,” flipping the Earth, Wind & Fire old school cookout classic into something hazy, bubbly and fun. This, is what the youth are into. If WhyJae is going to carry the flag for lyricists abound then acts like Nate DaVinci & Genesis Iver are going to eventually straddle that fence of rapping and singing that eventually just turns into musicianship. The Kanye West name generator is good for something — it gave Houston another young voice on the verge of doing something.