“I wanted attention,” Scarface says about his multiple suicide attempts as a kid. The sobering statement was part of a lengthy sit down with Power 105.1’s The Breafkast Club where he opened up to plenty of information about his life. There was discussions about his childhood, how a fight at Willowridge effectively ended his school career, dream albums with the likes of Ice Cube, Nas & Scarface, how he sees J. Prince as a genius and more.

There are wide ranging moments, most of which leading to a laugh or more from the entire crew. Conversations with DMX when X felt like he was about to kill himself, Bushwick Bill being a terrible roommate, the Deeply Rooted album getting hit with a July release date, how he’s taken a liking to plenty current artists today such as Future, ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar & others. Talking to Face is sort of like talking to your uncle. He carries all the mannerisms of a southern boy full of cuss & vinegar, one to never bite his tongue (he curses plenty in the nearly hour long chat), explains how “Mind PLaying Tricks On me” was originally a solo record before James Prince was convinced by label execs to put everybody on there, why the actual video made the song even better according to Face and much more. There’s a lot of information to bear and enjoy. Most the stories Scarface shares here are small excerpts from his recently released biography Diary Of A Madman with Benjamin Meadows-Ingram, available now.