The photo above may be the happiest smug Seth Rollins photo ever. Sadly, it won’t get any more smug than that because due to concerns for head injuries, the WWE has effectively banned Rollins’ finishing move, the Curb Stomp. Well, according to WrestleZone anyway.

WWE reportedly doesn’t want its top star to be doing that move every night and they also don’t want to be showing it in past clips or videos anymore. This is why last week on RAW when Rollins came out, the video which played during his entrance was primarily just graphics of his name. The normal entrance video for Rollins features a compilation of clips, several of which are him performing the curb stomp.

Personally I wish this was more in regards to a storyline angle between he & Randy Orton but I doubt it. Then again, the WWE is being pretty damn ridiculous about head injuries considering that Daniel Bryan is still doing diving headbutts like he wasn’t out for three quarters of the year last year with an injured neck and head. Guess we’re going to have to watch RAW tonight to figure out if it’s for real or not.