Geeks always had it the worst in high school. And if you went to a predominantly Black high school in the ‘hood and were overachieving, it was a battle to fit in. It wasn’t so much that you were picked on more times than you could count. You just wondered, for once, what it would be like to be “cool.”

For Malcolm, an Inglewood-residing, ’90s-hip-hop-loving nerd with perfect SAT scores and Harvard aspirations, he and his friends have that chance at popularity (or infamy) after a brush with the neighborhood drug dealer. Malcolm’s story comes alive in DOPE, the upcoming film from director Rick Famuyiwa and producer Forrest Whitaker. DOPE got all of the praise at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and this summer, the public audience will get to see what’s so, well, dope about DOPE.

Earlier today, the official theatrical trailer for DOPE landed on the internets. Its balance of humor and the charisma of its cast alone (including Divergent series star Zoe Kravitz, A$AP Rocky as the drug dealer in question, and Shameik Moore as Malcolm) – as well as Pharrell Williams being involved with the soundtrack – make it at least worth a look this summer.

DOPE touches down in theaters everywhere on June 19th.