Thought you were going to wait until Monday to get the official Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer because director Zach Snyder said so? Sorry kids, the Internet will forever say otherwise about any announcement. Thus, various leaks of the official trailer to next March’s DC mashup starting hitting online, including this one — a Portuguese subtitled version where Jesse Eisenberg dropping ominous villainous bombs such as “We as a population on this planet have been looking for a savior”. Plus, there may be some Neil DeGrasse Tyson thrown in there but it’s pretty obvious, everybody is fed up with Superman following his actions from Man Of Steel, even with the ‘false God’ message shoved in for good measure.

From there we move into more tracking shots, brooding Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, some homages to The Riddler and then the ultimate tease, Batman in his armor looking at Superman swoop down from the sky and ask him, “Tell me, do you bleed? You will.”

Start dancing and throwing your money at the screen. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice arrives next March 25. Yes, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice out did Marvel’s Avengers 2 for a teaser trailer. Expect plenty of arguments over who’s the greater hero between Batman & Superman between now and then.