For those who need the smallest of an idea of what Chicago’s drill scene incorporates, look no further than Chief Keef’s current buzzing street single “Faneto”. It’s moves like a boulder down the hill, ready to roll on anyone via an arsenal of drums, gun sounds and a mixture of general apathy for everyone else except for crew and raising guns in the means of defense.

“Faneto” however is the latest record of note to be hijacked by Chicago rapper (and 300 member) Montana of 300 who has made a casual living ripping off freestyles left and right. See his “Trap Queen” remix. Or “Gas Mask” or “Planet of the Apes”. All three lose their original hit makers and belong to Montana of 300, a dread swinging bolt of energy who shoots more with metaphors and slick talk than the average Chicago Drill seargent.

From a distance, he may remind a few women of Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney, like Montana of 300 looks like a prototypical human being with physical tools and allure that you can’t necessarily teach. They’re both raw in some aspects but both get by on cha and God given talent. There’s a reason why Jeff Weiss has tabbed Montana of 300 as the “next great Chicago rapper”, because Montana despite a rather generic bona fide, is capable of being the last Mohican in a city where Americana is white washed via a hail of local terrorism and gunfire. 

When you dream of escape in Chicago, the insider’s view always looks for a way outside. That’s much of Montana’s sentiment beyond rolling down a window and lighting a block up. There’s some coming of age, dark Cameron Crowe stuff that dwells within him, the son of a Vice Lord and former crack addict.

He wants to rap his ass off, and he’s looking at his environment every day to do so. Watch his take on “Faneto” and grab his solid 2014 project, Cursed with a Blessing below.